SEO will be the gamechanger for Businesses during & after the Pandemic

We're at the crossroads. COVID-19 is causing chaos across the globe, which, in turn, has given rise to a severe level of panic. The economies are weakening and companies are looking for ways to reduce their spending to minimize the overall effects.
In this Scenario!

Shifting Towards Online Marketing is the only direction they look at first. A new survey validates the value of sustaining the SEO activities in the coming downturn.

The survey, conducted by the Experts, included 317 respondents from a diverse network of expertise across a wide range of industries, including B2B (24 percent), Retail (12 percent), Healthcare (11 percent), Media (10 percent) and others (travel and hospitality, consumer technology, financial services, insurance, automobile, e-commerce, and manufacturing).

The Economy is down, but the targets are the same or up. Unlike several other marketer studies at the moment, the Experts analysis reveals that the Economy is adversely affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. Nonetheless, the majority of these survey respondents—most of whom are hands-on practitioners—said that their budgets had reduced marginally or stayed the same. Only 20% saw a "major drop" in budgets.

Digital Transformation is the need of the hour

In the next few days, we have passed into a so-called home-stay system. A variety of sectors, including eCommerce, video conferencing, cybersecurity, take-out, food delivery, and online gaming, are currently benefiting from the new social-distance climate.

Despite this retreat into our homes and away from others, it is the businesses that have built an international, integrated strategy that is proving to be the early winners of this altered economy. Unfortunately, most conventional companies have not even been remotely equipped for the modern world that we now find ourselves in. So far, many businesses have been sluggish, and even hesitant, to adopt digital marketing strategies. A staggering amount of companies still have no online presence at all. Unfortunately, this error is bringing a lot of businesses out of business as we speak, and there will be even more shutters before the crisis is over.

The silver line on the horizon is that governments around the world are making stimulus programs available to these firms, but funding does not last forever. Now is the time to act and plan for major changes in our economy.

Why does SEO matter?

The key results of this survey—that organic marketing is a high-performing digital medium and SEO is a key tactic—are widely backed by further analysis and recommendations from digital marketers looking at long-term impacts.

Industry top Experts said that investing in SEO now ("seed planting and preparing for the future") would pay substantial dividends when the crisis is over.


And finally, something that can only be important during this period, but could be instrumental in securing conversions, is to check various copies and photos. Be mindful of the present state of your imagery; are people holding hands? Outside the crowd? You may want to test the perception of people at home and/or practice social distancing.

The times have changed. We're facing a new reality. Creating content-based on patterns consumers are searching for as they experience this new paradigm will help to reduce the possible negative effects on your organic traffic. Staying ahead of the curve on new and upcoming searches will help to position you above the rest simply by staying relevant.

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